Lee Jeans

About: Lee Jeans launched a new line of women’s trousers that are tailored to create different desired body shapes. They hosted an event in which guests were greeted by a projection running the length of the room. A presentation followed with a screen that tracked movement and using this data manipulated the pattern on show. Like the jeans themselves, the digital display reacted and adapted to motion, creating a perfect synergy between the custom content, the product and the brand message. An exercise in problem-solving, this campaign needed careful consideration to design the light installations for the optimum impact without any glare affecting the comfort of the guests.

Services:  Projection Mapping, Content Creation, Creative Lighting
Setup:  24 metres of RGB digital LED baton, 4 x 4k ultra short throw projectors, 2 x 10k projectors, Microsoft Kinect
Location:  London, UK
Date: March 2018