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A 360 Projection company for big thinkers

Immersive-me creates 360° shared virtual reality video mapping inside domes and other interiors to amaze audiences without the need for VR eyewear.

Whether you’re looking to produce a massive spectacle or an intimate exhibition, our team of digital artists, designers and producers will work with you to turn any idea into an immersive experience.

In collaboration with our sister company, L.E.G. we have a vast array of skills to suit your brief from conception, lighting design, projection mapping, set design and build, together we’ll turn your vision into a virtual reality.

A dome for any event

We project everything from brand experiences, to live entertainment, construction simulation, to design exhibitions. As your audience steps into the dome, they’ll be met by a 360°, fully overhead projection taking up their entire field of view.

 And with the depth of experience and industry-leading capabilities we offer, we won’t just project your vision. We’ll immerse people in it.


Our 360° VR projection dome is the perfect environment for you to inspire, entertain and engage with your audience.

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With our 360° projection domes and a state of the art AV system to play with, we have a limitless platform at our disposal. And along with our sister company L.E.G., we marry this platform with extensive expertise to create the perfect immersive environment.
Whenever you need to hold an event that leaves an impression on everyone from professionals to party people, Immersive-me aims to help you amaze.
They may be big, but our domes are easily transportable, seamlessly deployable and can be adapted into many multi-dome complexes. Plus, they’re reliable, robust and Ideal for a huge range of events.

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 Our 360° package 

We can create every part of your event, or slot seamlessly into your team.
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Creative Consultancy
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Our creative team have the skills and experience to nurture your idea to its full potential.
From the wild to the subtle, we offer a range of options for branding your experience.
content creation
Stunning audio-visual content created by our in house designers, working with you every step of the way
Health & Safety
We provide all documents needed to make sure the event goes safely to plan.
With equipment that can be transported and deployed with unparalleled ease, we’re fully prepared to go mobile.
If you’d like to hire domes and projectors from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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from brixton to black rock city

In the summer of 2016 we were invited to bring our 360 projection dome to one of the most incredible events in the world, Burning man.

Held in one of the most inhospitable places in the world, we overcame every problem the desert threw at us, delivering awesome shows every single night, wowing thousands of revellers over the duration of the festival.


Let’s make something together

When you choose to work with us, you are getting an experienced creative technology company that specialises in getting your ideas across experientially.

Immersive Multimedia Experiences Ltd

Unit F5, Shakespeare Business Centre
245a coldharbour lane
Brixton, London, SW9 8RR

e:   hello@www.immersive-me.com
t:   +44(0) 7917 230990

Our Partners


Nest Immersion

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